Who developed the program?

Engela an Occupational Therapist with years of experience in Paediatric Therapy saw the need for an extensive Individual Reading and Concentration centre with a specialized program that addresses various aspects of a child’s development that negatively impacts his reading and comprehensive reading skills. She has a passion for assisting children who struggles with school work in the class and at home due to poor reading and comprehensive reading skills. She believes that more children will reach their full potential in all school subjects and later on in life if their reading speed and ability to read with comprehension improves.

Inge Nieuwoudt an Educational Psychologist and remedial specialist assisted in developing level 1 of the program which is aimed at helping  children who has a significant delay in their reading skills as well as assisting new readers in Grade R & Grade 1 to give them a reading advantage for them to perform optimally in their school work. This level focuses on phonics and auditory reading skills as well as other basic language and spelling rules.  She also assisted in optimizing the assessment process of identifying the specific reading difficulties.

Lelani Eilers a qualified Teacher with 17 years of experience with an Honors degree in Psychology and a BSc. Degree in Mathematics and Computer Programming (IT).  She came on board and assisted in developing a program to improve the learners’ language foundation and skills that are required to ensure reading with fluency and correct pronunciation as well as writing with proper grammar.  

Samantha is a hard-working, passionate physiotherapist who enjoys working in a multi-disciplinary setting, for the optimal benefit of the patient and their family. Samantha has a special interest in children, and has been trained in NDT, ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis), Hippotherapy, AAC and adaptive speech applications, PECS (Picture Exchange Communication Systems), Muscle Activation, Dry Needling and strapping, and has been trained in C1 Sensory integration. She came on board and assisted in compiling a group of exercises that optimally activates the learning process, improves concentration and strengthens core and shoulder muscles essential for performing scholastic activities.

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