Brainwave Stimulation

We facilitate focused learning by assisting a child's brain to function in the optimal brain wave required for optimal cognitive learning to take place.

Beta Brain wave

  • Wide awake & alert

Beta frequencies are low in amplitude and the fastest of the four different brainwaves.In Beta the brain experiences higher awareness and mental activity, the state that we experience in out busy everyday lives at work, school and sports. Beta brainwaves occur when we think logically, take part in active conversation, solve problems and respond to external stimuli.

Alpha Brain wave

  • Mind awake & body relaxed

This brain wave state is associated with relaxation, self introspection and enhanced mental clarity. Alpha frequencies are also useful for learning purposes. When in Alpha state we use our whole mind instead of only the dominant side, which enables us to think much better, to be creative at the same time, memory improves and your problem solving ability is at its peak.  It is recommended to use this state when studying or learning new information (i.e. languages) in order to retain (remember) facts and data.


Theta Brain wave

  • Creativity, Learning & Meditation

We are all familiar with the Theta state. That is when you wake up in the morning but are still not fully awake, when you feel your bed absolutely irresistible; that elusive state when you just want to sleep in. Theta state is commonly referred to as the dream or “Twilight” state. Memory development is enhanced in this state and access to unconscious material, potential change in behaviour, intuition, sudden insight and creative ideas are increased.


Delta Brain wave

  • Deep sleep

Delta is the dreamless sleep state. Usually kids sleep in very deep Delta and adults in very light Delta state. When in deep Delta state the brain produces Human Growth Hormones which builds bone, muscle, tissue, hair, gives us energy and slows down the ageing process thus essential for the healing process.

Why is this so important?

Children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD and ADHD) spend most of their day-to-day time in the Alpha and Theta states. These children are intelligent and have wisdom beyond their years, but struggles to reach the Beta state which would enable them to concentrate and express themselves properly. This lack of concentration makes is difficult to cope in the school environment.

Research has shown that the induced Beta state can be used to help with ADD and ADHD children. It’s completely safe and side affect free.

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