The program entails:

  • Individual, "one on one", sessions.

  • A full evaluation is done to determine the child`s reading level as well as to identify problem areas.

  • Exercises that improve concentration.

  • Eye movement exercises. Poor eye movements negatively influence reading speed.

  • Sight words are practiced weekly.

  • Reading & comprehensive reading improving activities. If a child is unable to read with comprehension they struggle to learn effectively as well as answer questions correctly during exams.

  • Activities that improve Perceptual skills.

  • The program consists of 4 different levels starting at basic reading and letter recognition with regards to phonics and moving to more complex in-depth reading skills.

  • The program is aimed at helping children from Grade R - 9.

  • The program is in English and Afrikaans.

  • At the end of each term the child`s reading speed is tested again and a short progress report is given.

  • We follow an integrated approach to support children with reading and concentration difficulties holistically. We have combined Occupational Therapy techniques with regards to perceptual development and movement, Remedial Therapy reading techniques and basic language skills. We follow a bottom-up scaffolding intervention approach by assisting children with pre-reading skills moving on to comprehensive reading.

If a child`s concentration, reading speed and comprehensive reading abilities improve, various aspects of their schoolwork will be influenced positively!



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